Aaaarrrrgghhhh! Will these great reviews ever stop?

Just kidding! Pat Hatt, no relation to The Cat from The Cat in the Hat,  but a kid’s book writer extraordinaire, said some really beautiful words about the Young YA book, Mary Baker and The Eye of the Tiger. In fact, it’s pure poetry. 5.0 out of 5 stars

Everything A Book Should Have And More!, March 14, 2013

By Pat Hatt (Canadian children’s book author.)

This review is from: Mary Baker and The Eye of the Tiger (Kindle Edition and Paperback)

I haven’t read a children’s book of this caliber in a very long time, and that’s saying something because being a children’s picture book author myself I get asked to review many other children’s books. Mary Baker and The Eye of the Tiger has it all. Also don’t let the term “children” fool you, for all ages in your household will enjoy reading it from start to finish.

I’d actually relate it in a sense to Harry Potter, which obviously, millions have enjoyed no matter their age. Except unlike J.K. Rowling, D.M. Cherubim focuses on life over death throughout the story. Also to my surprise many of the spells used in this magical world are actually real ones that have been performed by many in reality, whether or not they truly work is ones own prerogative, but little witches, wizards and sorcerers will truly get a kick out of them.

Another major draw that D.M. Cherubim did a splendid job of incorporating, was many real issues that face youth, and us all, today. Yet they aren’t thrown in the readers face and are instead left for all to surmise themselves. Which is rare this day in age, as all people seem to focus on is an issue and hammer it into a childs mind. Instead here you will get issues hidden behind an entertaining, full of life read, with characters your children can relate too.

In short D.M. Cherubim has weaved everything into Mary Baker and The Eye of the Tiger perfectly, with plenty of amusing moments, an ending you won’t suspect is coming and a really evil wizard who your kids will love to boo. Add it to you bookshelf today, you won’t be disappointed.


Some people might say enough said. Don’t listen to them.


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