A Silver Medal on The Tiger’s Eye?

Ohhh, the dilemma! Where will I fit a large, shiny, bright, new silver medal on the book’s cover from Readers’ Favorite, which just gave Mary Baker and The Eye of the Tiger 5 stars (their highest rating!) (Books that get the highest rating get this award)? Definitely not on the eye. Has anyone taken a good look at the symbols in the eye of the tiger on the cover? The meanings may or may not be revealed in the book. Symbols always have some secrets, you know.

Here are some excerpts from the review:

“Magic, some religion, and gratitude to a higher power are what make the story rare and intriguing. I feel that D.M. Cherubim writes about Mary’s unfortunate abuse situation in such a straightforward manner that it genuinely grasps the reader’s attention… although the character of Mary Baker is fictional, she could be any child, anywhere in U.S.A. …I am sure “Mary Baker and the Eye of the Tiger” is a great book to read for children, preteens as well as young adults and even adults.” – Sylvia Heslin for Readers’ Favorite.

 You can read the entire silver medal, 5-star review at Readers’ Favorite.

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