A Book for All Wizards, and Now, Everybody Else

Mommies and Kids Love it Too.

 A Book Without a Genre,

an eBook Without an Age Hook

YA Fantasy, General Fiction or Just a Good Book to Read the Kids?

Some might call Mary Baker and The Eye of the Tiger an unusual book. It’s not just the magic in it they’re talking about.

One of the beautiful problems of the book is that it doesn’t fit easily into any genre, and now it clearly doesn’t appeal only to one targeted age group. It’s a round peg, a large one, trying to squeeze into small, square holes. Doesn’t fit well anywhere.

Mary Baker and The Eye of the Tiger is most often categorized into YA fantasy. This is a wide-open field that usually includes sorceresses and wizards or trolls mucking about in other worlds. Sometimes dragons show up, sometimes able, handsome warriors with magical gifts and swords.

Mary Baker, the book, has both the real world, where Mary Baker has a really terrible Mom and a pot belly step-Dad, and a fantasy world of magic creatures, spirits, powers, and surprises you won’t expect. The surprises are enough to boot the book out of fantasy and into other genres. It could almost get into general fiction, spirituality, mystery, paranormal and perhaps others.

The story lines aren’t the only unusual part of the book. Across the board, reviewers and readers are saying it’s for all ages. Kind of the Mary Poppins of YA Fantasy.

Just yesterday, when I thought the book was squarely where I thought it would land, solely in the hands and minds of young wizards, a mommy with kids spoke up:

Fantastic Adventure!

April 26, 2013

By  Danielle Marie

This review is from: Mary Baker and The Eye of the Tiger (Kindle Edition)

I am always on the lookout for quality children’s books. I love to read aloud to my bunch and this one was a hit.

A mystical, magical tale about little Mary Baker who was handed a rough lot in life. Through a series of events life takes an interesting turn. This book definitely has a similar feel to Harry Potter, but don’t let that turn you off. It isn’t just a remake. Mary Baker is a great character and you will fall in love with her and her adventures.

Will there be a book 2? My family hopes so!

A pleasant read for all ages.

So far, adults love the book, kids love the book, teens love the book, critics love the book, Daddies love the book.

And now Mommies and their kids love it too.

Mommy Sandwich - Week 2 my kids & me

A Mommy Sandwich (Photo credit: ~PhotograTree~)


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