Last Day to Win A Good Book and $50!

It’s the last day to enter the author’s giveaway of the new book Mary Baker and The Eye of the Tiger and a $50 gift card. You can use the money to buy many more copies of the book for your friends, or a cozy blanket, some tea or hot chocolate, and a good reading lamp. Or socks.

To enter (be careful, many people cannot find the apparently super secret entry button), please leave a comment or reply or hit the responses button anywhere on this blog. It’s usually a small red button. Leave a response or comment. You are then entered.

You then need to do one more little thing to enter.  Visit the girl reviewer blog by Carissa Bookworm:

Just stroll on over to the responses button, and then onto Carissa's site. It's worth it!

Just stroll on over to the responses button, and then onto Carissa’s site. It’s worth it!

and just leave your comment or whatever she asks for there. It probably takes less than a minute.

I know you want the money. But you want the book too. This fantasy novel already is getting great reviews from kids, teens and adults. It has won a silver medal from Reader’ Favorite, its highest review award. The book is normally $5.99 for the eBook version, now on sale for summer: just $.99 cents. So even if you don’t win, you won anyway. Sort of. It costs less than a cup of coffee. And the satisfaction lasts longer.


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