Results of Fantabulistic Giveaway Due Out Any Minute Now, Or Any Day

A Winner Will Be Announced Soon

Somebody Will Be Getting This Incredulobulustic Book and $50 As Soon As We Find Them

We have a winner in the $50 and a copy of Mary Baker and The Eye of the Tiger, the startling new Kids, Young Adult and Kids at Heart book that is rocking some worlds. As soon as we locate the winner, and they give us permission, the two blogs that put this wonderful giveaway together will post the results. Stay tuned.

Balloons at the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival

We are searching for the winner right now. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And in case you missed this earlier:

Pre-Summer Sale 99 Cents: Get Your Beach Read Early

For Now, Costs Less Than A Cup of Coffee

This weekend, Mary Baker and The Eye of the Tiger, is on pre-summer sale. This means you can get it for only 99 cents. I know, money can’t buy you love. Maybe a good read for the beach, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee, can.

This insanely low price of only 99 cents probably won’t last. Grab this book while you can get it.

It’s a good read, reviewers say. It’s the best kind of book for the summer: Readers’ Favorite just gave it a silver medal, its highest review honor. It’s got some surprises. Some very lovable characters. And light in the darkest places.

English: A sunny August day at the beach at Jo...

A perfect sunny day at the beach at Joss Bay, a rural beach not far from Broadstairs in Kent, England, where no doubt wise shoppers already are reading Mary Baker and The Eye of the Tiger . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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